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Your Custom Polo Kit from Akuma Polo

Having the right kit for the right job is uniquely important. Anything that diminishes your concentration on your game can cause a fundamental dip in performance, be it due to wearing the wrong material, a fit that causes discomfort, or general insufficient garment durability. This is especially true in highly dynamic sports such as, of course, Polo; wherein freedom to move and play naturally is absolutely vital. Here at Akuma Polo, we're proud to bring you your kit, in your colours, made with uncompromising, dependable quality no matter how intense the game gets.

Quality Polo Kits Designed By You

Our innovative range of products not only sees you decked out in highest standard Polo apparel, harnessing the latest technology to ensure comfort and quality for you the player, but it also ensures you and your team are playing in your colours, logos and designs. Our advanced 3D Polo Kit Designer tool affords our customers the opportunity to create the perfect Polo jerseys, and view the designs instantly on 3D model mock ups. Once you're happy with your design, click to order and we'll get them shipped straight to your door!

A Comprehensive Polo Sports Kits Service

With a huge range of shirt styles available for the full spectrum of game types, levels and abilities. We have semi-fit and traditional fit solutions for both mens polo kits and ladies polo kits, each with a host of collar variations. With training and leisurewear as well as pony accessories available as well, at Akuma Polo, we strive to provide a comprehensive solution to your custom polo kit needs! Browse on for more, or call our friendly team on 0844 788 9003 today!